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Scott Joshua Dere has been using a camera since he was 5 years old. His first camera was a Kodak Brownie, which at that time was becoming outdated. It used 120 film and shot black and white pictures which he would develop and print in the basement of his Long Island home. At just 13 years old, Scott landed his first photography job and for the next 17 years, he worked with many New York Wedding Studios and Commercial Studios finding different techniques of Photography and Lighting along the way. During this time Scott attended college at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan and received a BFA in the fine arts of Photography and an AA in Communications.

Art Photographers & The Elements of Nature.....

Wildlife Photography is a tricky business to make a living in. The equipment alone can cost as much as small house. And, to build a reputable portfolio, one has to be able to travel extensively to obtain exotic images of wildlife from all over the world. This work entails an enormous amount of dedication, a countless amount of hours in the field, and an exhausting schedule to be able to make a living while getting the project done.

To save up large sums of money for the expensive equipment and exotic trips, Scott started his own studio in New York called Art Photographers. The new company put together all the design skills, fashion and style Scott learned from School, Workshops, and most important, the experience from working in the field with so many different professionals, and studios for over 25 years. In turn this allowed Scott to provide the community with professional grade, exciting images for local families affairs and celebrations. Art Photographers maintains a large professional studio on Long Island where the company branched out into Corporate Photography, which helped local businesses obtain stunning imagery to represent themselves in marketing and Social Media branding.

The very best companies in the industry use Scott and his team at Art Photographers for their own personal portfolio work and events. Some Clients are Long Island’s own Muscari Florist in Roslyn, Lamborghini/ Bentley in Syosset,,,, Adonis Men’s Dress Shirts,, Labgrafix, Pure Lime Tennis Catalogs and Rothschild Kids Catalogues, Honu Kitchen and Coyote Grill Menus and more.

Despite his success with Art Photographers, Scott has found time in between jobs to pursue his passion of Wildlife Photography. Despite an uphill battle against funding, and an overwhelming persistence by peers and even College Professors to “quit chasing birds”, Scott kept doing what he loves most. In fact, over the last 20 years, Scott Joshua Dere has actually travelled extensively and had the opportunity to photograph along side some of the industry's best photographers: flown to a Florida Wedding to work with Canon's Explorer of Light, Clay Blackmore, Photographic Safari with Thomas Mangelsen, Moose Peterson and Daryl Hunter in Yellowstone National Park and the Tetons, and Nat. Geo. Ted Shiffman on Safari in Kenya and Canon Explorer of Light, Charles Glatzer in Alaska and Minnesota photographing Bears. Locally Scott has worked for Canon in Lake Success, NY and still uses their best equipment to date.

Today, Scott Joshua Dere is currently the President of the Professional Photographers of Greater New York (PPGNY) and has earned a Master of photography Degree in The PPA. All while trying to keep up with the constant demand for "The Elements of Nature" prints being distributed around the world. Many of his images have been displayed galleries and published in magazines, while some select images have been sealed and put on loan with the PPA. Discover the beauty, serenity, and excitement that his images bring to audiences around the globe. You can enjoy these incredible works of art for yourself and show off to friends by owning an exclusive Elements of Nature Print in your own home or office by logging on to